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CDM and International Cooperation

What is CDM?
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is defined in the Kyoto Protocol. It allows developed countries to implement an emission-reduction project in developing countries and in turn earn saleable certified emission reduction (CER) credits that can be counted towards meeting Kyoto targets.

The CDM contributes to the sustainable development of developing countries, while promotes the worldwide efforts to reduce emissions and combat global warming.

Problems with current CDM activities
Project qualities worsen: some projects are not contributing to emission reductions or sustainable development of developing countries. As the scale of the CDM activities expands, it is important to ensure the quality of the projects.

Since emission reduction credits allow developed countries to emit more, rich countries can avoid responsibilities at home while their CDM projects in developing countries don’t really concentrate on reducing emissions.

What We Do
JACSES’ goal is to ensure the quality of CDM projects in developing countries, promote projects that effectively reduce emissions and contribute to the sustainable development of developing countries. JACSES also aims to prevent excessive expansion of CDM projects, and promote Japan’s domestic policies that address climate change.

We conduct surveys and research about CDM and international cooperation, and publish books and reports based on our research.

We advocate an international framework for combating climate change, and facilitate international cooperation.

We organize seminars and symposiums to promote understanding among policymakers, industry representatives and the general public.

We are also involved in the CDM/JI project of the Japan Quality Assurance Organization.

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