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Carbon Market and CDM

The book, Carbon Market and CDM (published in April 2009, Tsukiji Publishing House), discusses the current situation and future development of the carbon market (the emissions trading market) and the clean development mechanism (CDM).


Introduction: The Path to a Low-Carbon Global Society, Koyu Furusawa
Chapter 1: The Current Situations of Clean Development Mechanism
Chapter 2: CDM and Sustainable Development
Chapter 3: The Distribution of CDM Project Regions and Project Types
Chapter 4: The Effectiveness of the Gold Standard and its Problems
Chapter 5: Carbon Offset
Chapter 6: Future Development of CDM and Carbon Market

NGO’s monitoring of ODA and multilateral development banks
Is the host country of COP3 responsible for verifying the Kyoto Protocol? In View of the Global Climate Agreement after 2013

Glossary of Climate Terms

*The book was made possible by the Mitsui Environment Fund and WWF Japan Eco-partners project.


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