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SDAP Information Services
JACSES provides the following Japanese language information services to members, NGOs, academics and policy makers who share our interests in Development Assistance issues. JACSES cannot provide these services in English due to resource constraints, but we are happy to exchange views and information in English with people/organizations who wish to know more about, or can contribute to, these services.
MDBs Update
MDBs Update is a Japanese language e-mail clipping service providing up-to-date news, collected from a variety of sources, about significant domestic and international developments pertaining to MDBs and Japanese ODA to subscribing NGOs and individuals. The Update is mailed out twice per week and headlines of past Updates are posted on JACSES' homepage on a monthly basis.
Briefing Paper Series: Sustainable Development and International Aid (No.1-13)
Conceived as a vehicle for independent analysis of curent issues in international aid, JACSES' Briefing Paper Series (BPS) on Sustainable Development and International Aid has become a vaulable Japanese language resource for academics, civil society leaders and policy makers alike. Well-researched contributions from leading academics, environmental leaders and JACSES staff have consistently served to bring current issues and perspectives about MDBs to the attentions of Japanese policy makers and concerned citizens. Titles of the BPS series to date have been;

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Press Kit
Compiled by JACSES, Friends of the Earth Japan, Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (JATAN) and Mekong Watch Japan, the ADB Press Kit was prepared for media and civil society representatives before ADB's 1997 Annual General Meeting, held in Fukuoka on May 11-13. The Kit contained a series of 8 background briefs about
(1) ADB's 30-year development record,
(2) ADB's lending mandate,
(3) The NGO campaign for ADB reform,
(4) ADB's dialogue with civil society/NGOs
(5) ADB's relationship with the Government of Japan,
(6) Transparency/Accountability of ADB and the Japanese Government,
(7) ADB and development in the Mekong River region and
(8) Connections between ADB and domestic (Japanese) public works projects.
Texts of these briefs remain available through JACSES' homepage.

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