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Ministry of Finance (MoF)-NGO Regular Dialogue

I. What is the "MoF-NGO Regular Dialogue" ?
The MoF-NGO Regular Dialogue is a series of regular consultations between Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/citizens' groups and the Development Institutions Section of the Japan Ministry of Finance (MoF). Participants meet to discuss development assistance policies and individual projects financed by international financial institutions, to promote transparency and accountability of the Japanese government's role in multilateral development banks (MDBs).

II. Aims and Goals of Participating NGOs

1. Long term goals
The goal of participants is to effect democratization in MDBs like the World Bank (WB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and to advocate the establishment of sustainable development strategies -in terms of environment, human rights, gender and local participation, etc.- through the policies and lending activities of such institutions.
2. Medium term goals
To promote public information and accountability by the Government of Japan in its policies and stances within MDBs. At bare minimum, to make information about the voting activities of Japan's representatives to MDB Boards of Directors available to the public, and to make these subject to debate/reportage in the national legislature.
3. Short term goals
1) To stimulate citizen/NGO participation in Japan's aid policy decision process, through regular meetings, and realize costructive policy meetings between the citizens/NGO sector and the Japanese government.
2) To make the regular meetings themselves accoutable and transparent.
4. Purpose
In order to achieve the goals above, we will strive to do the following through the regular meetings with the MoF:
1) Stimulate the exchange of views and information about MDB and IMF aid policies and projects between the government and citizens/NGOs, and improve transparency of MoF's of policy decisions.
2) Influence policies of the Japanese government, as well as voting activities of Japanese representavive directors to MDBs, so that MDB policies and projects will consider environment, participation, human rights and gender.

III. Topics/Themes
1) As a rule, matters related to the policies and projects of MDBs (WB Group, ADB and other regional development banks) and IMF.
2) From the above, matters related to the position/policy of Japanese government.
3) Because the MoF is involved in other acitities closely linked to Japan's basic governmental policies on aid and bilateral Official Development Assistance (ODA), such as other development funds (Japan Bank for International Cooperation -JBIC, Yen-denominated loans) and macro-economic policy (for example, assistance measures after the Asian economic crisis), these are also deemed to fit within the discussion framework.

List of Past Agenda

IV. Frequency and Structure of Meetings
1) Four meetings per year, in principle. If a topic requires urgent or further detailed discussion, a special meeting can be organised.
2) Discussion topics, suggested by both NGOs and MoF, are adjusted and finalized through each side's coordinating offices.
3) Meetings are chaired by an NGO representative.
4) Minutes are shared between the NGOs and MoF, and circulated to relevant sections within the MoF.
5) Participation in the consultation is open to any individual/NGO (Japanese or foreign) who agrees with the aims and goals listed above.
6)Minutes of the meetings are open to the public.

Contact Person: Yuki TANABE

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