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Negative environmental and social impacts have been arising from development activities funded by Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and Export Credit Agency (ECA) / Overseas Development Assistance (ODA). In the process of project implementation, the rights of affected people to raise their concerns have not been fully ensured. Even when clear harms arise, responsibilities of development agencies have often not been clear and rehabilitation measures have been inadequate. Therefore, it is especially important to reform these development institutions. Ultimately, it is the interests of people who live and are affected by development projects that we wish to uphold through our activities.

JACSES is an independent, non-profit research center promoting the realization of an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable society in Japan and throughout the world. Its aid reform program, Sustainable Development and Aid Program (SDAP), has a goal to eliminate environmentally and socially destructive projects, and to promote environmentally and socially sustainable development in the South. To accomplish the goal, JACSES has focused on mainly four sets of objectives;

  • Avoid/minimize socially and environmentally negative impacts caused by energy and infrastructure development projects funded by MDBs and Japanese financial institutions in South Asia, and reflect the views of affected people;
  • Strengthen institutional mechanisms and standards of MDBs and Japanese financial institutions to improve accountability, ensure social and environmental considerations and protect the rights of affected people;
  • Strengthen the role of civil society in the reform of MDBs and Japanese financial institutions through policy dialogues with key decision-makers, and;
  • Increase the monitoring and advocacy capacities of local groups and NGOs

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