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2009/2008/2003 through 2007


November 26, 2009
Symposium: "Hatoyama Initiative and COP15" (Focusing on Goal/Obligation of Nations, Financial/Technical Support for Developing Nations, Carbon Market/Emission Trading/CDM)

Part I: Panel
“Objectives of this Symposium”
“International Negotiations related to Climate Change” (Tentative)
Mr. Kazuya Endo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Challenges on International Emission Trading Scheme/CDM” (Tentative)
Mr. Axel Michaelowa, Perspectives GmbH

Part II : Discussions
Representative from Democratic Party of Japan
Representative from Liberal Democratic Party
Mr. Jensen Asuka, Professor, Tohoku University
Mr. Akihiro Sawa, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute
Mr. Kenji Yamada, Nippon Steel Corporation
Representative from NGO

Koyu Furusawa, Professor, Kokugakuin University
Jiro Adachi, Executive Director, JACSES

*This event will be facilitated in Japanese. Please go to Japanese website for detail.

March 30, 2009
Symposium: “Effective climate change policies: policy instruments considering the current situations in Europe and Japan”
Speakers shared the EU experience and discussed various policy instruments and structural reforms in the context of Japan.

Part I Panel
“The green tax reform and emission trading scheme of Germany”
Sven Rudolph, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Kassel, Germany
“The implementation of environmental taxes in Sweden”
Yasushi Ito, Professor, Chiba University of Commerce
“Japan’s progress toward a fair and effective climate policy system”
Jiro Adachi, Executive Director, JACSES

Part II Discussions
How to strengthen climate change policies? Examining emission trading scheme, environmental taxes, voluntary action plan, subsidies, etc
Moderator: Koyu Furusawa

February 23, 2009
Symposium: “Domestic Emission Trading Scheme and the allocation of carbon credits: experience of companies”

Keynote address
“The trial run of domestic emission trading and CDM: current situation and future developments”
Yutaka Fujiwara, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Panel speakers
Yoshihiro KAGEYAMA, General Manager, TEPCO
Kenji Yamada, General Manager, Environmental Affairs Division, Nippon Steel Corporation Yoshio Shinozaki, Senior Vice President, Lawson
Kazunari Fukuda, Marketing Diretor, Yamatake Building System
Makoto Ikoma, Director of Business Development, Marubeni

Deepening climate change policies and the strategic development of businesses
Norio Fukao, Director, NikkeiBP EcoManagement Forum
Jiro Adachi, Executive Director, JACSES


December 4, 2008
JACSES symposium and round-table discussion: “Environmental taxes, road-related tax revenues and energy taxes: confronting climate change and financial crisis”

Part I Panel
“The reform of tax system in 2009”
Hikaru Kobayashi, Ministry of Environment
“JACSES’ Proposal and Problems Raised”
Jiro Adachi, Executive Director, JACSES
Part II Discussions
F&Q session and discussions

March 17, 2008
Symposium: “Gasoline Diet and Global Warming: road-related tax revenues, environmental taxes and emission trading”

Part I Keynote address

1. “The design of domestic emission trading scheme”
Toru Morotomi, Assistant Professor,Kyoto University
2. “ The design of the environmental taxes (and its relation to energy taxes)
Jiro Adachi, Executive Director, JACSES
Part II panel discussion
Topic: climate change policies, road-related tax revenues, environmental taxes, domestic emissions trading scheme
Speakers: Motohisa Furukawa (House of Representative member from Democratic Party), Tomoko Abe (House of Representative member from Social Democratic Party)
Moderator: Toshihiko Goto (Environmental Auditing Research Group)

February 28 2008
JACSES symposium: “Global climate change and Japan: toward Hokkaido Toyako G8 Summit”

Keynote addresses
“International efforts after 2013 and the current situation of developing countries, Kyoto mechanisms and ODA”
Naoto Hisajima (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

“Japanese government’s action on adaptation”
Akuiko Nakagawa (Ministry of Environment)

January 26 2008
TRL-JACSES symposium: “UK and Japan’s traffic policies: global warming and social changes”

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