Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES) is an NGO dedicated to achieving sustainable development and social justice in the society. We broadly engage the general public and experts in research, policy advocacy, and awareness-raising.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve environmental and social justice through policy research and advocacy. We facilitate change through:

・ policy- and practice-oriented research
・ independent policy advocacy to protect the interests of vulnerable people
・ awareness-raising that highlights individual voluntary action

Our Goals

JACSES, broadly engaging citizens and experts, is aimed to promote social and environmental justice in Japan and beyond.

To solve global-scale problems, such as environmental problems, resource scarcity, poverty, economic disparity and human rights violations, requires not only immediate responsive actions once the problems occur, but also change of the social structures that taps the root cause of the problems.

Our History

At the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Japan’s delegates first brought up the idea of an independent NGO/think tank for environmental policy research and advocacy. This led to the establishment of JACSES in June 1993.

Currently, JACSES’ activities are centered around the Sustainable Development and Aid Program (SDAP), which is aimed at improving Japanese government’s development aid projects in developing countries; the Green Tax Reform, which advocates the introduction of fiscal instruments (such as carbon taxes and emission trading schemes) to address environmental problems, as well as the integration of environmental concerns into economic activities; and climate change, which advocates a comprehensive approach to climate policy reforms.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are available on Japanese page.

Operation site

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