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| Domestic (Japanese) NGOs | Overseas NGOs | Government and International Institutions |

Green Tax Reform-Related
| International NGOs | Government and International Institutions |

-----------------------------------------Domestic (Japanese) NGOs
Friends of the Earth (FOE) Japan
Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC)
Mekong Watch Japan
JUBILEE 2000 Japan
Japanese NGO Center for International Cooperation(JANIC)
Peoples' Forum 2001, Japan
---------------------------------------------------Overseas NGOs
Focus on the Global South
International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), Indonesia
NGO Forum on Cambodia, Cambodia
Third World Network, Malaysia
Berne Declaration, Switzerland
BothEnds, Netherlands
Bretton Woods Project, UK
CEE Bankwatch Network
Friends of the Earth International
Campaign to Reform the World Bank, Italy
World Economy, Ecology & Development, Germany
North America
Bank Information Center
Center for International Environmental Law
Environmental Defense Fund
50 Years is Enough
Friends of the Earth US
International Rivers Network
Bread for the World Institute
International Export Credit Agency Reform Campaign
Pacific Environment and Resources Center
Center for Economic Justice
Probe International (Canada)
IUCN, The World Conservation Union
National Wildlife Federation
World wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)
World Resources Institute
Worldwatch Institute
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
--------------------------Government and International Institutions
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Japan
Ministry of Finance (MoF), Japan
Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC)
Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)
World Bank Group (WBG)
Independent Inspection Panel, World Bank Group
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD)
Inter-American Development Bank(IDB)
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)
Green Tax Reform-Related
--------------------------------------------------Overseas NGOs

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany
(Look for "Energy Taxation in the EU and some Member States: Looking for Opportunities Ahead," and the Wuppertal Bulletin on Ecological Tax Reform.)

Institute of Local Government Studies, Denmark
(Look for "Industrial Energy Demand and the Effect Taxes, Agreements and Subsidies," a report on industrial environmental tax and assistance regimes in European countries.)

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden
(Look for the report, "Tax Shift - a Tool to Reduce Unemployment and Improve the Environment.")

North America

Redefining Progress, US
(Includes the weekly bulletin, "Tax News Update.")

Friends of the Earth, US
(Look for "Citizens' Guide to Environmental Tax Shifting.")

Resources for the Future, US
(Site contains the report, "Revenue Recycling and the Costs of Reducing Carbon Emissions," etc.)

World Resources Institute, US

International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada
(Look for Green Budget Reform.)

The Environmental Taxation Worldwide Website, US
(A site operated by Cleveland State University's Department of Accounting.)

--------------------------Government and International Institutions
OECD Environment(OECD Economic & Environmental Policies)

European Union (Environmental Economics)
(Look for Database on environmental taxes, etc.)

European Environmental Agency
(Site contains "Environmental taxes - Implementation and Environmental Effectiveness" and other documents.)

Danish EPA
(Look for Economic Instruments in Environmental Protection in Denmark.)

Swedish EPA
(Look for "Evaluation of green taxes in Sweden: Large environmental impact at small cost.")

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